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Why choose our 3D W Clover Eyelash Extension?

Our R&D team has spent a lot of time and money developing this one-of-a-kind Easy Pick Flat Lash Extensions that will be a major trend for the new year. They belong to the single tip lash series, the cross section is rectangular. So they will have better retention if finished eyelash extensions. Our special technology keeps each hair evenly with 0.2mm space. They are more convenient to clip eyelashes, less wearing than ordinary Lash Extensions time.

Easy Pick Flat Lash Extensions are available in 0.15 and 0.20mm thickness. Their material is softer than normal, making them more comfortable. They are lightweight to wear, and very beginner-friendly. The chaff on these cards can be easily torn off without leaving waste.


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Provide Easy Pick Flat Lash Extensions private custom packaging

Not only you can customize Easy Pick Flat Lash Extensions cards with different columns and sizes according to your needs, but you can also choose your favorite lash boxes in different colors and styles. Both Lash Extensions cards and eyelash packaging can be printed with your logo and brand information. Our professional design team can present the design on the box according to your needs. The eyelash box on the picture below only shows some styles, you can contact us for more box styles.

If your eyelash business has just started and your brand has no logo, the designer can design a brand logo that you are satisfied. You can also send us pictures of your favorite eyelash box. We will have someone contact you to do our best to realize the eyelash box you want. Are you not interested in these eyelash boxes? Welcome to Order Easy Pick Flat Lash Extensions.