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Why choose our 3D W Clover Eyelash Extension?

Our Easy Fan Lash Extensions are designed to save application time and are perfect for beginners. As a new lash technology with similar hold to classic lashes, they are especially useful when applied with Volume Lashes. And they are made of high quality PBT material, 100% handcrafted by our lash artists. The roots of the eyelashes are specially treated so that there is not too little or too much glue left. Unique sticky lash strip bottom that prevents fans from separating and unraveling after pickup.

We can choose the desired number of lashes and take off the lash bar. They are bloom automatically and have a stable fan shape. The chaff on each row of lashes can also be gently peeled off, making it easy to clip the lashes without leaving any residue. They can be used for volume grafts, and can create a natural scalloped effect. They can achieve the effect of flowering right now.

*Warm reminder, Easy Fan Lash Extensions will be more perfect and more convenient to use together with our Lash Extension Glue and Tweezers. You can choose to buy them in a package, and the price will be more favorable.

Easy Fan Lash Extensions can be easy to make it fan, which helps you to be more productive and get more clients. They can be made the same length and different lengths on one line. You can also choose to different lengths in different rows. We can provide 7mm-17mm length and C/CC/D/DD/O curls. At the same time, we also provide different thicknesses of 0.03/0.05/0.07 for your choice.


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Customize Your Easy Fan Lash Extensions Eyelash Packaging!

We provide personalized service for custom eyelash packaging, and create your own brand eyelash box for you. We have listed some styles of magnet boxes below. Whether it is an ordinary plastic box or a high-end magnet box, you can choose the color and design style you like. If you want to know more eyelash box styles, you can consult us and look forward to hearing from you.

Our designers can complete a surprise design draft based on your favorite eyelash box style, combined with the logo and contact information you provide. If you don’t have a logo yet, we can arrange a designer to design an exclusive logo for you. You don’t have to worry about communication problems, we will have someone to contact you. Welcome customize Easy Fan Lash Extensions boxes!